As your business grows, you’ll look for ways to keep shipping costs low while streamlining your shipping process. Consolidation is one of the easiest ways to achieve these goals. While consolidation does take a little more effort upfront, the cost savings are worth it. That’s why GlobalPost is dedicated to providing customers with affordable consolidation options through our SmartSaver program. 

What is consolidation?

Before diving into the benefits of the SmartSaver program, let’s take a step back. What is consolidation? Shipping consolidation consists of individually packaging orders and then placing them in a larger box. After the single box is prepared for shipping, it’s either dropped off or picked up by a carrier to begin its journey. 

How does SmartSaver work?

If your business ships a minimum of five international packages daily, it qualifies for GlobalPost’s SmartSaver program. This program operates on consolidation principles, offering potential savings of up to 30% on shipping expenses. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process: Combine your separately packaged orders into a larger container and send them* to one of our 15 sorting facilities. Upon receiving your packages, we will organize them by country, complete all necessary customs paperwork, and proceed to ship them to their respective destinations for customs clearance and final delivery.

*Members of the SmartSaver program can also schedule pickups and drop-offs, depending on shipping volumes. Please reach out to our support team for more information. 

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How are SmartSaver packages shipped?

The SmartSaver program offers three different methods for consolidation — SmartSaver Ship-In, SmartSaver Pickup, and SmartSaver Drop-Off. GlobalPost will pair your business with a representative to determine which solution is right for you. 

Additionally, our team will guide you through your selected consolidation option from start to finish. From creating individual shipment and container labels to getting your shipments to the GlobalPost processing facility, we’re here to help every step of the way. More information on the shipping options available for the SmartSaver program can be found below. 

  • SmartSaver Ship-in – Consolidated packages are shipped to the GlobalPost processing facility with a container shipping label for no extra cost. 
  • SmartSaver Pickup – GlobalPost picks up your consolidated shipments from the warehouse and transports them to the closest processing facility on the same day.
  • SmartSaver Drop-off – Your carrier of choice ships consolidated shipments to the GlobalPost processing facility.

Enabling the SmartSaver program 

GlobalPost is available as a carrier through select shipping platforms like, ShipStation, and ShipEngine, meaning our international services can be accessed through these partners. SmartSaver is also available to use with our international services for no additional cost. This includes GlobalPost International Economy, GlobalPost International Standard, and GlobalPost Plus. If you’re interested in learning more about the SmartSaver program, reach out to [email protected].

If your business wants to cut costs, consolidation options are worth exploring. Our container labels and pickup and drop-off options make the process easy and can reduce transit times. GlobalPost provides reliable consolidation options like SmartSaver and disruption-free routing to over 45,000 shippers. And we’d love to help your business as well.

Let us help you with your shipping needs.