One of the most important components of a shipping workflow is its organization. Optimizing your shipping process can elevate your shipping from good to great. GlobalPost handles the complex parts of international shipping, like HS codes, so you can focus on growing your business. Additionally, GlobalPost is available on multiple shipping softwares, so you can streamline your process with a centralized dashboard. 

How GlobalPost supports international shippers 

International shipping doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. We understand that the focus should remain on your business, and with the help of GlobalPost, it can. If you can’t make it to the post office, GlobalPost shipments are eligible for USPS pick-up, as long as one of the other packages you would like picked up is using their Priority Mail® service. 

Claims for lost and/or damaged packages are also filed through GlobalPost directly instead of a third party. This saves you time mailing claims documents or discussing your claim with multiple providers. If you have any questions regarding your claims or international shipping in general, our support team is available to help via phone at (888) 899‑1255, Monday- Friday from 6am – 6pm PT, and via contact form.

GlobalPost services 

GlobalPost offers merchants several different options, so you can select which service works best for your business needs. These services include GlobalPost Economy International, GlobalPost Standard International, and GlobalPost Plus. We’ve created a table highlighting all of our services below. 

GlobalPost Economy InternationalGlobalPost Standard InternationalGlobalPost Plus 
Weight Limit Per Package 4.4 lbs. Up to 70 lbs.66 lbs.
Package Types Flats up to 16 oz., Packages up to 4.4 lbs. Packages up to 70 lbs. Packages up to 66 lbs.
Transit 10-14 days 8-12 days Varies by country 
Tracking Door-to-country Door-to-door Door-to-door 
Destination220+200+ CA, MX, UK, AUS, NZ, and HK 
Max Values of Goods $400 Varies by country Varies by country 
Free Coverage Not included Up to $100 in loss or damages, plus shipping cost Up to $200 against loss or damage, plus shipping costs
Duties & Taxes Paid by buyerPaid by buyer  Paid by shipper

Canada DDP 

GlobalPost merchants are able to prepay the taxes and duties for their customers with the help of Canada Delivery Duty Paid or DDP. Canada DDP can be used for First-Class Mail International®, Priority Mail International®, and Priority Mail Express International® shipments, and the flat rate fee will vary depending on the service. The fee for First-Class Mail International® packages is $7.95, while the fee for Priority Mail International® and Priority Mail Express International® is $9.95. 

One important thing to note is that shipments can’t weigh over four pounds, so weigh packages multiple times to confirm the accurate weight is entered. If packages weigh more than four pounds, it can lead to costly adjustments and/or returned packages. For more information on using Canada DDP with GlobalPost, visit our website. 

The benefits of shipping software 

Choosing a shipping software can be time-consuming. However, shipping software can help streamline your shipping process. GlobalPost currently partners with over 200 different shipping applications like ShippingEasy, ShipStation, and These applications contain features like order dashboards, carrier integration, and rate comparison tools to centralize your shipping process and avoid clicking between multiple tabs. 


ShipStation is a shipping platform that strives to help businesses of all sizes ship their products. They keep merchants in mind and designed their platform to make shipping efficient and affordable. Whether you ship domestically or internationally, ShipStation wants to help your business succeed. Integrate your marketplace or store of choice in a matter of clicks, and start shipping. 

Shipping software basics 

Most platforms like ShipStation are made to grow with your business while helping you save time and money. As we mentioned earlier, a shipping software enables you to integrate stores and marketplaces to decrease the likelihood of missed orders. Many shipping softwares also provide customers with pre-negotiated and discounted shipping rates, so you can enjoy affordable carrier options. Most of these platforms include rate calculators, so you can compare rates in real-time to find the best option for your business. 

A shipping software like ShipStation also includes features to help with international shipping. International shipments require information like VAT and IOSS numbers on customs forms to identify how duties and taxes will be calculated and/or paid. With shipping softwares, these numbers can be saved and later selected from a drop-down menu or another selection tool. This way, you don’t have to manually enter VAT and IOSS information for each international order and save time on shipping. 

GlobalPost is working to modernize and simplify international shipping for growing businesses. Your international shipping workflow should be as easy and efficient as your domestic shipping workflow, and that’s why we offer our support throughout the entire process. We even partner with the likes of ShipStation, so you can take your international shipping to the next level. Enjoy hassle-free international shipping today with GlobalPost.

Let us help you with your shipping needs.