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Upgrade your international postal shipping

GlobalPost enables businesses to ship international parcels fast and affordably, saving you time and money. Our partnerships with global postal carriers and our software-based network allows flexibility, ensuring you get the best service at the lowest rates with every shipment.

No customs forms to print
Global address verification
Parcel coverage up to $100
Ship merchandise in flats
hs code classification
Free HS Code Classification
No volume requirements
Free phone and email support
And more!

Existing Customers:

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GlobalPost offers Standard and Economy International Services:

Weight Limit Per Package
4.4 lbs. Up to 70 lbs.
Countries Served
Over 200 Over 200
Package Types
Packages up to 4.4 lbs. Packages up to 70 lbs.
Transit Time
Varies Varies by country
Door-to-country Door-to-door
Max Value of Goods
$400 Varies by country
Free Coverage
Not Included Up to $100 against loss or damage, plus shipping costs
Duties & Taxes
Paid by recipient Paid by recipient

How does GlobalPost work?

GlobalPost leverages our extensive network of global partnerships for secure delivery of your international shipments. Because of this, there are minimal changes you need to make to your existing shipping program to take advantage of the GlobalPost benefits.

1. Shipper
Print a GlobalPost shipping label for your international package and ship it to our GlobalPost Shipping Center in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, San Francisco or Miami.
better experience
2. GlobalPost Hub
GlobalPost sorts and processes your package upon receipt. We apply the required international shipping labels and customs forms to your package and transport it to the destination country.
less hassle
3. Destination Country

GlobalPost transports your shipments to the destination country for customs clearance.

less hassle
4. Buyer’s Residence

Once your shipment clears customs, the Foreign Post Office delivers your package to your recipient. A delivery confirmation tracking event is collected, if applicable.

Consolidate and Save up to 30%

Are you shipping more than 5 international packages a day? If so, you may qualify for additional discounts through one of our SmartSaver programs (SmartSaver Pickup™, SmartSaver Bundle™, SmartSaver Drop-off). You must consolidate your packages prior to sending it to our processing facility but there’s no need to pre-sort packages by destination. To see if you qualify, call us for a free consultation.

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