Breaking into new international markets is easier than you’d think. Canada is a great market to move into. You just need to partner with the right carriers. This is where GlobalPost comes in. GlobalPost simplifies international shipping thanks to affordable label rates and simpler international shipping thanks to domestic fulfillment hubs and international last-mile providers. We provide a range of services that make shipping to our neighbor to the north as easy as shipping down the street. Services like GlobalPost Economy International, GlobalPost Standard International, GlobalPost Plus, and Canada DDP give you everything you need to provide affordable and efficient delivery to your customers.

GlobalPost Services That Ship to Canada

GlobalPost offers a range of services and features that make shipping to Canadian customers simpler. Regardless of what you and your customers need, GlobalPost delivers to your customers the way you both need. 

GlobalPost Economy International

GlobalPost Economy International is an affordable option for sending small parcels (up to 4.4 lbs) internationally that is similar to USPS First Class Mail International®. Typically, it takes 6–10 days to reach the end consumer. If you’re shipping to Canada, you should expect it to be on the lower end of this range—especially if you’re delivering to a major metro area. Additionally, you can ship to many more countries than just Canada with this service. Currently, over 220+ countries are supported. GlobalPost Economy International offers tracking into the destination country, or “Door to Country”. 

GlobalPost Standard International

GlobalPost Standard provides support to the same destinations as GlobalPost Economy International. However, it has more robust tracking than GlobalPost Economy thanks to “Door to Door” tracking. This means a package can be tracked all the way to final delivery. You can also ship much larger items since Standard supports sending parcels weighing as much as 70 lbs. Additionally, you get free coverage for any parcels valued up to $100. There are other differences and similarities between these two services, too. Beyond these two services there are other ways you can make shipping to Canada even simpler for yourself and your customers. 

GlobalPost Plus

Canada is among the US’s biggest trade partners. As such, you have a lot of simple options to deliver there. For instance, you can use GlobalPost Plus. GlobalPost Plus is a shipping service for parcels shipped to Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Unlike GlobalPost Standard or Economy, this is a Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) service. (We’ll get into that more in a minute) GlobalPost Plus provides other advantages, too! Advanced customs clearance is available for this service. Shipments usually clear customs electronically before the shipment arrives in the destination country. This process helps expedite the delivery process, allowing the shipment to quickly be delivered to the buyer.

GlobalPost Service Comparison

 Economy InternationalStandard InternationalGlobalPost Plus
Weight Limit Per Package4.4 lbs70 lbs66 lbs
Countries ServedOver 220Over 220CA, MX, and U.K.
Package TypesFlats up to 16 oz.   Packages up to 4.4 lbs.Packages up to 70 lbs.Packages up to 66 lbs.
Transit TimeVaries by country
Max Value of Goods$400Varies by CountryVaries by Country
Free CoverageNot availableUp to $100 against loss or damage, plus shipping costsUp to $200 against loss or damage, plus shipping costs
Duties & TaxesPaid by recipientPaid by recipientPaid by shipper

Canada Delivery Duty Paid

Even though some Canadian customers live closer to you than domestic ones, there are still customs fees to deal with. Also, when you know that in Canada, if customs assess tax and duties on a parcel they automatically add a $9.95 flat fee on top of the tax & duties that are due?

To help reduce surprises for you and your customers, you can utilize Canada Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) to prepay all duties and taxes on USPS shipments to Canada. The rate charged depends on the service used. To use Canada DDP, parcels may not exceed 4 lbs. There are a few other restrictions to be aware of, too. Regardless, this provides a streamlined way to make shipping to Canada simple and affordable and surprise-free. Whether you absorb these fees or add them to shipping charges, you can provide Canadian shoppers with a stress-free, convenient delivery experience. 

First-Class Mail International®$7.95
Priority Mail International®$9.95
Priority Mail Express International®$9.95

How to Start Saving on Shipments to Canada

GlobalPost is available through many popular shipping platforms. This is the best way to ship with GlobalPost. You can find out how to create a GlobalPost label with your preferred shipping software, or to find a new one. We’re on a range of shipping platforms including ShipStation, Shippo, ShippingEasy,, Easyship, and many more! Open your business up to a new world of customers and savings! 

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