As your business grows, shipping your e-commerce orders and other business packages becomes a costly piece of your operations. Parcel consolidation is a great way to alleviate some of the overhead spent on fulfillment by optimizing the first and last mile of your shipments no matter whether they’re traveling domestically or internationally. For both small and high-volume shippers, consolidating your packages as they travel through the mail systems can considerably help your bottom line. That’s why GlobalPost is dedicated to providing our users with cost-efficient consolidation options and benefits such as end of day pickup and live support.

Benefits of consolidation

Shipping consolidation essentially consists of multiple pre-packaged orders being palletized together in a larger box. While consolidating your shipments takes a little more effort upfront, the cost savings are unparalleled. GlobalPost users can save up to 30% on fulfillment costs through the SmartSaver program. As you’ll see below, the shipping rates for consolidated packages traveling not only across the country, but across the world, come with big savings, compared to sending them directly through USPS.

Benefits of consolidation

Once your packages have been consolidated, the shipping label will direct the package to one of our conveniently-located distribution hubs around the US. From there, the packages are sorted, measured, and assigned the appropriate customs forms (for applicable international packages) for a more hassle-free shipping experience. After your orders are prepared for shipping, we turn to our diverse network of carriers to ensure disruption-free routing to your destination. This means that in the event of a supply chain or carrier delay, GlobalPost is still able to provide timely delivery of your packages.

 Other benefits of consolidation with GlobalPost include:

  • Flexibility with pickup – GlobalPost users have the ability to choose either an end of day pickup or to schedule a preferred pickup time.
  • Disruption-free routing: GlobalPost partners with a network of carriers, meaning your package has fewer transfers in the first mile of shipping and makes it to its destination despite supply chain or carrier disruptions.
  • Customer service – GlobalPost has a live, dedicated support team to address any issue or delays with your packages, unlike most public mail carriers.
  • Sustainability – There are fewer carbon emissions on the first mile of transit with GlobalPost than with other carriers.

How to Opt into GlobalPost’s SmartSaver Program

GlobalPost users who ship at least five shipments daily are able to sign up for the SmartSaver service for no additional cost or subscription fee. This program offers up to 30% off shipping label costs on domestic and international shipping. Members of the SmartSaver program have various benefits, depending on their monthly shipping volume, including the ability to schedule convenient dropoffs and pickups. GlobalPost is available as a carrier through select shipping platforms, including, Endicia, ShipStation, ShippingEasy, and ShipWorks, and there is no additional fee to have GlobalPost enabled. If you’re interested in learning more about the SmartSaver program, reach out to [email protected].


If your business is quickly expanding, consolidated shipping options like GlobalPost’s SmartSaver program are worth exploring. GlobalPost’s container labels, pickup, and drop-off options give users the ability to easily consolidate shipments and potentially cut down on package transit times. With over 45,000 happy users, and a dedicated phone and email support team, GlobalPost provides users with a reliable consolidated shipping option and disruption-free routing.

Let us help you with your shipping needs.