If you’re looking to expand your business to international markets, GlobalPost is designed to make international shipping easy for your growing business. GlobalPost works to demystify the world of international ecommerce for entrepreneurial merchants. We’ll handle the complex pieces like tariff codes and customs forms with the click of a button, so you can focus on what matters most — your business. 

What is GlobalPost?

Our main mission is to help international shippers that are ready to grow their businesses and deliver their products to more markets. Thanks to our network of global postal and commercial carriers, GlobalPost offers efficient features not found with traditional providers. GlobalPost is available as a carrier on over 220 shipping applications, so we’re easily accessible and can be integrated into your current shipping process. 

Streamlined International Shipping with GlobalPost 

We provide merchants with the tools to take the guesswork out of international shipping. And you don’t even have to print customs forms. GlobalPost also provides free tools to help with duties and taxes and Harmonized (HS) codes. 

Duties and Taxes Calculator 

Duties and taxes are additional fees added to a package when you ship to a different country. The fees are determined by factors like the items being shipped, the value of the merchandise, and their destination country. To help you determine these costs in advance, we offer a free duty calculator. All you’ll need to do is simply enter your shipment’s information, and we’ll estimate the duties and taxes. 

Harmonized (HS) Code Lookup Tool 

HS codes are universal six-digit codes assigned to products to help customs offices identify your products, bypass language barriers, and move shipments through customs with ease. When shipping with GlobalPost, we’ll add the HS codes for the items you’re shipping based on their product description in your customs declaration.  If you prefer to look for the tariff codes on your own, our HS Tariff lookup tool can be used to search for up to five HS codes daily. 

International Shipping with GlobalPost

All GlobalPost packages are first sent to one of our domestic regional shipping centers for international processing and bundling. This is why you may see a domestic address as the destination on your label. At the GlobalPost shipping center, we print and apply an international shipping label and customs form using the information you provided. 

Your package is then handed to a postal carrier, such as the USPS, and transported to its final destination. Leveraging our vast network of last-mile carriers to offer the best mix of speed and value with each parcel is what keeps international shipping with GlobalPost affordable.

GlobalPost Services 

GlobalPost’s international services include GlobalPost International Economy, GlobalPost International Standard, and GlobalPost Plus. These services are eligible for the previously mentioned Free HS Code Classification Service and electronic customs forms, as long as all of the necessary information is included. All of the other features for each service can be found in the table below. 

 GlobalPost International EconomyGlobalPost International Standard GlobalPost Plus 
Weight Limit Per Package 4.4 lbs. Up to 70 lbs.66 lbs.
Package Types Flats up to 16oz., Packages up to 4.4 lbs. Packages up to 70 lbs. Packages up to 66 lbs.
Transit 10-14 days 8-12 days Varies by country 
Tracking Door-to-country Door-to-door Door-to-door 
Max Values of Goods $400 Varies by country Varies by country 
Free Coverage Not included Up to $100 in loss or damages, plus shipping cost Up to $200 against loss or damage, plus shipping costs
Duties & Taxes Paid by buyerPaid by buyer  Paid by shipper

Additionally, if your business ships over five international packages daily, your business is eligible for our SmartSaver program to save you up to 30% off shipping costs. 

Tracking GlobalPost Shipments 

GlobalPost determines the best route to each package’s final destination throughout every step of transit. Using more than 250 parameters, we track your shipments in real time for a modernized international shipping experience. GlobalPost International Economy offers door-to-country tracking, and GlobalPost International Standard and GlobalPost Plus offer door-to-door tracking. How do these options differ? 

Door-to-country tracking means your tracking information will update until the shipment leaves customs in the United States. However, door-to-door tracking provides real-time shipping updates from pickup to delivery, and shipments can be tracked on our website by entering the tracking number. Up to 35 tracking numbers can be entered at a time and will only need to be separated by a space in-between. You can also access tracking updates through any of our supported shipping software partners.

How to Buy GlobalPost Postage

GlobalPost is available on most popular shipping platforms, including Stamps.com, Endicia, ShipStation, ShipWorks, and ShippingEasy. We are constantly adding new partners, so contact us directly to see if your shipping provider offers GlobalPost.

International Shipping Insurance Included with GlobalPost

All GlobalPost International Standard shipments include $100 in coverage in addition to the shipping cost, and all GlobalPost Plus shipments include $200 in coverage in addition to the shipping cost. Supplemental coverage can be purchased for your shipments, but the amount of coverage can’t be larger than the total value of your package. 

Filing an International Claim with GlobalPost 

Packages are unfortunately sometimes lost or damaged during transit. You can submit a claim to GlobalPost by visiting our GlobalPost Claim website. When filing your claim: 

  • Confirm your package is eligible for a claim
    • Damaged package claims can be submitted any time after delivery
    • Lost package claims will need to be submitted at least 30 days after the shipment date
    • ALL claims must be filed within 90 days after the shipment date 
    • Don’t add the shipping cost when calculating the claim amount. If your claim is approved, the shipping cost will be automatically included. 

The processing time for claims can be up to 3 weeks. If you haven’t received any response to your claim within 3 weeks, please contact us directly. GlobalPost support is free to all merchants, and we can be contacted via email form or by phone at 888-899-1255 from Monday through Friday, 6AM-6PM PT. 

With GlobalPost, international shipping is easier than you think. We strive to make your business succeed, and we’re happy to help solve any shipping problems along the way. Don’t let the additional steps included with international shipping prevent you from expanding your shipping options. GlobalPost can help you ship around the globe!

Let us help you with your shipping needs.