What is GlobalPost?

A part of the Auctane family, GlobalPost offers a range of domestic and international shipping solutions through our partnerships with global postal carriers and commercial carriers. These partnerships allow us to offer time and money-saving features not found with traditional international services.

GlobalPost offers the following services:


  • GlobalPost Economy International
  • GlobalPost Standard International


  • Parcel Select Destination Entry
What is the difference between GlobalPost Economy International, and GlobalPost Standard International?

GlobalPost Economy International is a cost-efficient international shipping service that offers tracking into the destination country. GlobalPost Standard International service includes delivery confirmation.

Both services are Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) services.

How does GlobalPost work?

All GlobalPost packages are first sent to one of our domestic regional shipping centers for international processing and bundling. At the GlobalPost shipping center, we print and apply an international shipping label and customs form using the information you provided. For GlobalPost Economy and GlobalPost Standard shipments, your package is then handed to a postal carrier, such as the USPS, and transported to its final destination. 

Is there a minimum number of packages I must ship?

Whether you ship hundreds of packages a day, or one package a week, you can still take advantage of GlobalPost and our competitive, low rates.

If you ship at least five international shipments per day, you may be eligible for up to 30% off through one of our SmartSaver programs. Consolidation of shipments is required prior to sending it to our processing facility but there is no need to pre-sort packages by destination.

  • SmartSaver Pickup™ – Our team will pick up your consolidated shipments from your warehouse and transport it to the closest processing facility in the same day.
  • SmartSaver Bundle™ – Consolidate your individual shipments into one or more large containers and ship it to our processing facility using our shipping label, provided at no additional cost.
  • SmartSaver Drop-off – Use your own carrier to ship your consolidated shipments to our processing facility.


Call us at 1-888-899-1255 for more information.

How much does GlobalPost cost?

GlobalPost services are available through select shipping platforms, including, Endicia, ShipStation, Shippingeasy and ShipWorks. There is no additional fee to have GlobalPost enabled on those platforms.

What countries does GlobalPost ship to?

GlobalPost Economy International and GlobalPost Standard International  ship to over 200 countries.

How are GlobalPost packages tracked?

GlobalPost tracking capabilities are based the shipping service purchased.

Economy International: Tracking appears up to the exit point of the package leaving the U.S.  The last tracking event will show the package leaving U.S. customs.

Standard International: Tracking is door-to-door, showing a tracking event when the package is delivered to the recipient.

Where can I track my GlobalPost packages?

For the most comprehensive tracking information, use the GlobalPost Tracking Page located at

You may also track your shipments through the order history section of your online shipping program.


Do I need to include Customs Forms on a GlobalPost package?

No. GlobalPost takes the hassle out of international shipping by handling this part for you. At the GlobalPost Shipping Center, our team will apply the necessary international shipping labels and customs form to each package using the information provided by you.

Does GlobalPost include free parcel coverage?

Yes, GlobalPost Economy International and GlobalPost Standard International includes free parcel coverage up to $100, plus the cost of shipping. 

How do I file a coverage claim with GlobalPost?

To submit a claim, go to

  • Do not include the shipping cost when filling in the “Claim Amount” field. If the claim is approved, the shipping cost will be added to your total payment.
  • Please do not submit claims for lost packages before 30 days after the shipment date.
  • Claims for damage can be submitted at any time.
  • All claims must be submitted within 90 days after the shipment date.
  • Claims can take up to 3 weeks to be processed. Please contact GlobalPost directly if you have not received a response to your claim within 3 weeks.
Can I purchase additional insurance coverage?

Yes, additional package insurance can be purchased, but the total amount claimed for any package cannot exceed the total value of the package.

Can I send an International Letter with GlobalPost?

Large envelopes, flats, thick envelopes, and packages can be sent. Currently, Letters cannot be sent with GlobalPost.

Are there any restrictions when shipping with GlobalPost?

Anything deemed illegal or hazardous to ship by mail in the United States, or in the destination country, will not be accepted. Please check relevant restrictions presented in the GlobalPost program at the time of printing postage. We cannot accept responsibility, nor accept coverage claims, for items confiscated by customs authorities.

Can duties and taxes be pre-paid with GlobalPost?

Yes, Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) is available for shipment to Canada. Visit our Canada Delivery Duty Paid page for details.

How can I purchase a Shipping Label using GlobalPost?

GlobalPost is available in most popular shipping platforms, including, Endicia, ShipStation, ShipWorks and Shippingeasy. We are constantly adding new partners. Contact us directly to see if your shipping provider offers GlobalPost.