Understanding how to track packages is important for shippers. You’ll need to know how GlobalPost tracking works or where to find answers for customers. Also, tracking options vary by service, so knowing the different tracking options will give customers a better experience. Stay up to date as your package moves through transit with hassle-free GlobalPost tracking and keep international shipping easy. 

Introducing Enhanced Tracking Features

We understand the importance of seamless tracking for you and your valued customers. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil the latest enhancements to our tracking page, designed to elevate your tracking experience.

1. Final-Mile Carrier Name and Tracking Number:

Now at your fingertips! Access crucial information effortlessly, as we introduce the inclusion of final-mile carrier names and tracking numbers.

2. Highlighted Major Tracking Events:

Stay informed with a glance! We’ve implemented a feature that highlights major tracking events, ensuring you can easily follow your shipment’s progress throughout its journey.

3. Streamlined Interface for Easy Tracking:

We understand the challenge of deciphering complex tracking events. Our revamped tracking page now offers a more user-friendly interface, providing enhanced visibility. This means your customers receive updates with utmost ease.

We believe these upgrades will not only simplify your tracking process but also empower you to keep your customers in the loop effectively. 

Untrackable vs trackable services 

Let’s discuss the differences between untrackable and trackable services before going into GlobalPost services. Untrackable services don’t have a tracking number and include things like postcards and letters. Additionally, if you lose the tracking number for a service, you won’t be able to track a shipment. 

On the other hand, trackable services come with a tracking number. For example, GlobalPost International Economy comes with free door-to-country tracking. Other services like GlobalPost International Standard and GlobalPost Plus each include door-to-door tracking. 

GlobalPost International Economy tracking

GlobalPost International Economy can be used for packages up to 4.4 pounds, and the transit time is 10-14 days. GlobalPost International Economy also includes door-to-country tracking, so you can track your package until it leaves US customs. The last update listed will be when your package is leaving the country. 

GlobalPost International Standard tracking 

GlobalPost International Standard packages can weigh up to 70 pounds, and the transit time is 8-12 days. GlobalPost International Standard also includes door-to-door tracking, so you can track your package as it moves in transit. This tracking method will show when your package arrives at its destination. 

GlobalPost Plus tracking

GlobalPost Plus is a Delivered Duty Paid service where the sender pays the taxes and duties instead of the person receiving the package. GlobalPost Plus allows you to send packages weighing up to 66 pounds to Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, and the U.K. The transit time is 4-8 days, depending on the destination, and door-to-door tracking is available.

Shipping software tracking 

GlobalPost partners with shipping platforms like ShipStation, so you can use our services in your current shipping process. ShipStation customers can view past order information including tracking numbers on the Shipments grid for convenience. This way, your business can track GlobalPost orders on the same page as orders to keep your workflow organized.

Tracking a shipment with GlobalPost

Merchants can track up to 35 shipments at a time. All you’ll need to do is to separate each shipment’s tracking number with a space. For help tracking shipments or any other questions, please reach out to our support team at (888) 899‑1255 through our contact form. Our team is available Monday-Friday from 6am-6pm PT. GlobalPost is here to offer support to your business however we can.

Knowing how to track GlobalPost shipments is essential. Customers will appreciate it when you’re able to answer questions about tracking shipments. We find the best route for your shipment throughout transit and use over 250 parameters for real-time tracking. This keeps shipping with GlobalPost affordable and modernized. International shipping shouldn’t be a barrier for your business. Let GlobalPost help you ship across the world. 

Let us help you with your shipping needs.