One integration.
Many solutions. 

GlobalPass gives you universal access to the world’s top shipping platforms through one integration. Whether your customers use Stamps.com, Endicia, Shippingeasy, ShipWorks, or ShipEngine, your customers can now easily access your services and rates on these platforms through GlobalPass. All you have to do is integrate with GlobalPass, saving you months of development time.

How does GlobalPass work?

Through one point of integration, you can have access to all Stamps.com shipping platforms to onboard your customers to. GlobalPass provides universal access through a generic solution, including preset international and domestic services, preset labeling solution, inline rating, and manifesting direct to consolidator. Best of all, one point of access means one point of maintenance, saving you time and money.

Stamps.com’s shipping platforms include:

GlobalPost Reseller Program

The GlobalPost Reseller Program allows you to resell a branded version of international postal services with more service features. Benefits of being a GlobalPost Reseller include Universal access, Easy Onboarding, Customer Support, Simplified Billing and Reduced Operational Management.