Turn your warehouse into a powerhouse. 

Maximize your shipping with GlobalPost Warehouse, a shipping management system designed to help large shippers and consolidators succeed at every stage.

Our range of shipping solutions offer fast and affordable ways to ship parcels across the USA and internationally. With our network of over 200 global and regional carriers,and proven technology, GlobalPost Warehouse gives you the tools you need to meet the demands of your customers.

Optimize Your Warehouse Workflow

Whether managing shipping from a single workstation or requiring collaboration across multiple teams, systems and locations, GlobalPost can accommodate your business functions and rules for shipping, including rules for multiple carriers.  With GlobalPost solutions, you will increase flexibility and visibility and streamline tasks from ordering, tracking, returns, package management or palletization, label creation and shipping.

Say goodbye to server and maintenance costs

GlobalPost manages the cloud and the underlying infrastructure, and the level of service can vary depending on company needs.  Our team of professionals helps drive your business with scalable technology including implementation, education, and support.

Simple, Secure, Barcode-Driven

Designed for package management, shipping, manifesting, reporting and label creation. Rich functionality optimizes the flow of products through the warehouse, driving down costs and increasing throughput. Flexibility to change routing and carrier on the fly gives you the amount of control you want over your data and processes.

Sack Management

Manage manifests, closeout paperwork, and USPS sacks. Allows multiple users to process at the same time eliminating bottleneck and any potential risk of human error.  Accompanying manifest file will be generated, containing everything necessary to comply to carrier requirements.

Tracking Management

Centralized tracking across all carriers and vendors – accessible all in one customer-facing tracking page. Tracking support can be made available in one of two ways:

  • Web services: Allow customers to track packages through their website by entering either their package ID or tracking number
  • Hosted tracking: Through a Hosted/customerbranded tracking site.