Upgrade your consolidator toolbox

Our Cross-border eCommerce consolidation services are perfect for small to mid-sized international Consolidators. We provide shared carrier access in order to innovate and initiate carrier access, automate routing and rule set, allow for discounts, zone skipping or direct injection. Aggregate all those carrier services for tracking in one place.

GlobalPost meets international consolidator requirements in a single system. Shipping rules allow you to map shipping preferences across multiple carriers with ease.

Optimized Sack Management

Keep your current sack management workflow or toggle to a new way of easily allocating your parcels to your direct USPS sacks. Less clicking, less navigation, less errors, more sacking!

Load Look-up

Too much volume? Great problem to have…but not being able to find your load quickly enough? Those are issues of the past! Look up your load by scanning your load number, your customer account number, or a package you have in hand for quick and easy access.

Scan Screen Interactions
Enhanced fields allow for more efficient UI field entry – Do what you are used to, but quicker!

Simplified Service Selections

Limit your list of available services by each user to allow for easier service selection and to limit errors or scrolling. Additionally, for those workstations that only process certain services – configure your setup to select these services only and make it quicker to churn through your operations!


Ecommerce is evolving! Where we once only saw one-time product orders, we’re now seeing a growth of recurring, subscription-based services.  Users will have the ability to choose to scan into a sack or pallet (depending on country) making it faster to process shipments.

Consolidator and PQW Partners

GlobalPost supports many shipping consolidators and Postal Qualified Wholesalers (PQWs).

APC Postal Logistics

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