Complete visibility and control of all data

Through one centralized portal, get a bird’s eye view of your shipping operation including real-time visibility and stats on every shipment, allowing you to make adjustments and optimize on the fly. 

Order information and tracking numbers are seamlessly transferred between our systems. Our Data Management Services also extend this integration to make tracking and reporting available through the Web.

Seamless data access through a single, centralized portal

GlobalPost’s Data Management Portal offers a centralized data storage of parcel data and associated tracking events.

Consolidation of carrier tracking events into one location and normalizing the events to allow for a managed tracking status description.

Improved visibility into global shipments across carriers and countries.

Enhanced delivery intelligence and reporting that allows to better understand delivery challenges, such as potential delays, and work with the supply chain to alleviate these issues.

More sophisticated cross border-delivery tracking, reporting and management to help you drive service agreements and provide a seamless customer experience

Tracking capabilities for consumer-facing tracking or extend branded tracking capabilities.

Authenticated users will have the ability to:

  • Pull tracking data
  • Track a package
  • Search if shipment was processed or unprocessed by site
  • View shipment history and volume

Customizable reports and configurations

  • Enforce individual specific business rules
  • Set up your Shipper’s account
  • Add new Carriers
  • Report by Carrier and associated services
  • Manage reports, tracking logic, EDI mapping, review tracking summary and configure multiple sites