In order to innovate the import process of products into Canada, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is introducing the Canada Assessment Revenue Management project, or CARM. CARM is set to launch in October 2023 and will be rolled out in phases. This phase of the project will require all B2B merchants to use the CARM portal when shipping to Canada. 

How does CARM change shipping to Canada?

CARM will mostly impact how duties and taxes are paid for B2B shipments to Canada and when packages can be given to recipients. These changes are*: 

  • Shipments will no longer be able to be released from customs brokers via surety bonds aka Release Prior to Payment (RPP). 
  • Merchants shipping to Canada will need to pay duties and taxes for all goods and provide some type of “financial security” in advance through cash or a surety bond.

For more information about CARM, visit the CARM Client Portal website. 

*Note: These apply to US brands shipping to Canada and Canadian retailers, as well as third parties. 

The second phase of the Canada Assessment Revenue Management project, or CARM, is set to launch in October 2023.

Shipping to Canada through GlobalPost 

Whether you plan to ship domestically or internationally, including shipping insurance adds extra security for your business and customers. GlobalPost Standard International and GlobalPost Plus each offer insurance, with GlobalPost Standard International including up to $100 in free coverage and GlobalPost Plus including up to $200 in free coverage. Both services also include coverage of the shipping cost. 

GlobalPost merchants can purchase additional insurance from providers, as long as the insurance cost isn’t worth more than the total value of your shipment. Insurance claims are filed directly through GlobalPost, so there’s no need to worry about contacting a third party. To file a claim with GlobalPost, fill out our claim form.*

*Note: Claims need to be submitted within 90 days of the package’s ship date. More information and guidelines for the GlobalPost claims process can be found on our website. 

Canada DDP 

GlobalPost allows merchants to prepay a flat fee through our service called Canada Delivery Duty Paid, or DDP, so customers don’t have to pay duties and taxes upon arrival. This service can be used with Priority Mail International®, First-Class Mail International®, and Priority Mail Express International® packages. 

Priority Mail International® and Priority Mail International Express® shipments have a flat fee of $9.95, and First-Class Mail International® shipments have a flat fee of $7.95. Canada DDP can only be used for shipments up to four pounds, so confirm your package’s weight before using the service. Packages over this weight limit can be returned and/or you can be issued expensive adjustments. 

CARM might be a new addition to shipping to Canada, but GlobalPost is here to take the complexities out of international shipping. We want to see your business grow and expand into global marketplaces, and that’s why we provide HS code resources, customer support, and insurance options. Ship around the world with GlobalPost! 

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