Delayed USPS surcharges from their January 2022 rate changes will be introduced beginning April 3rd for oversized packages with sides over 22” or 30.” To help avoid getting an additional surcharges on your GAP Domestic shipments, we’ve included more information about what these surcharges are and which services will be affected.

What are surcharges?
When packages don’t follow USPS regulations or dimensional changes, USPS can add extra fees, or surcharges, to shipments. Once scanned in to their system, USPS will check the dimensions of your package to confirm they match the measurement requirements of your selected service. If these measurements differ, USPS can issue surcharges to your packages. The surcharges received for multiple orders with the same, incorrect dimensions can quickly add up. Also, these shipments can take longer to process because USPS may have to take additional steps to correct the service.

What are the new surcharges?
In April, USPS is going to charge more for really long and really big packages. These charges apply to Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, USPS Retail Ground, and Parcel Select, and these changes will not apply to Media Mail or First-Class Package Service. These surcharges will also be applied to both domestic and commercial shipments.

This means shipments with:

  • Sides longer than 22” will be subject to $4 fees,
  • Sides longer than 30” or over 2 cubic feet (3,456”) will be subject to $15 fees.

*Note: Your package’s cubic measurements can be found using [ Length x Width x Height ] / 1728.

Can I dispute an adjustment or surcharge?
For any questions about adjustments or surcharges received on your packages, reach out to GlobalPost’s support team directly at (888) 899-1255 or [email protected]. Provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Adjustment ID
  • Last four digits of the tracking number
  • The reason for the dispute (as much detail as possible)

How can I save on shipping costs and non-compliance fees?
Good news! GlobalPost users are not subject to the $1.50 dimension non-compliance fees included in this most recent USPS change because our facilities weigh and measure each piece accurately before providing to USPS.

GlobalPost users who ship at least five international shipments per day are also able to sign up for SmartSaver , which offers up to 30% off shipping costs. For more information on how to join SmartSaver, please reach out to our sales team at [email protected]

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